Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Legislative Insanity In the Wake of Non Discrimination

In the wake of nondiscrimination, gay frivolous lawsuits would no longer be 'frivilous' and have merit. We've seen a national trend of fickle grievances by this thin-skinned demographic translate into using the Courts to pummel and punish their moral opposition. Lets start with a mind-blowingly-absurd case of legislative insanity fostered by gay nondiscrimination.

LGBT is sometimes LGBTQ, the "Q" meaning gender-queer, meaning a person's gender-and-sexual identity perpetually morphs, alters. Often switching back and forth between genders.

A woman named Valeria Jones out of Oregon, which has statewide gay nondiscrimination, is suing her coworkers at her catering company for addressing *her* as "her", when she insists she's neither male nor female, so her employers are now being sued for damages:

-a gay Exxon-Mobile employee is suing his employers for discrimination because he says he overheard his boss having homophobic conversations with another employee.
-a gay employee is suing Cracker Barrel because he says he overheard other employees talking among each other about his homosexuality.
-a gay bank employee from Granbury, TX is suing his bosses for gay discrimination because his job promotions didn't come in timely-a fashion as he'd have liked.
-A gay man in Massachusetts sued a charity organization that pays for free facial reconstruction surgery to female domestic violence survivors, alleging discrimination.
-Gays in San Diego are suing the Police Department for gay discrimination after they were caught having sex in a public park, alleging they were targeted for being gay.
A cross-dressing man in Washington, D.C. successfully sued a Christian-run women's homeless shelter for discrimination for denying him access, forcing them to take cross-dressing men.
-A gay Ohio Bell employee is suing for discrimination because his superiors refused to address him by his husband's surname, never mind gay marriage is illegal in Ohio.
-A gay Seattle, WA man brought suit against his employer for a "hostile work environment" (one of the components of gay nondiscrimination ordinances) because his boss played Christian radio stations in the workplace.
-A transsexual man in CA successfully sued a Catholic hospital for denying him for breast augmentation, citing their religious convictions, thus forcing them to violate their consciences and amend their policy.

It is very important to note, when Christians are sued and the case is dropped, they're still out thousands of dollars in legal fees that they don't get back. Gays, on the other hand, are covered -nationwide- by hugely-funded advocacy groups (HRC, ACLU, Lamda Legal) that give them pro-bono representation in any of these frivolous lawsuits.

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