Thursday, February 13, 2014

Examples of Christians Punished By Nondiscrimination Ordinances

-In 2007 in Elmira, NY, 7 Christians were arrested for bowing in prayer at a park hosting a gay pride festival .
-At a 2004 gay pride parade, 11 Christians were arrested for peacefully reciting the Gospel at a gay pride parade, 2 of them women over age 70.
-A year later, 4 Christians were arrested at a gay pride event sharing the Gospel, and found themselves hit with felony charges:
-In Wichita, KS Pastor Holick was arrested for handing out pamphlets at a park hosting a gay pride event.
-Baptist Church members at a Petersburg, FLA gay pride festival were arrested for carrying signs critical of the event.

Shifting gears, we see the cavalier and brutal methods gays use to silence Christian sign-holders.

In this youtube video, "attacked by tolerance" we see Christian sign-holders -assembling peacefully- maced and hit with bottles simply for the messages they were expressing:

Here, Seattle gay activists attack and beat a Christian for simply holding a sign they disagreed with:

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